5 Types of brake pads for selected driving styles

5 types of brake pads superior friction

Quality stopping power

When it comes to brake pads the first word that comes to mind is stop. Now that is probably one of the most important parts on your car. Lets face it you may have the fastest, most powerful engine hiding underneath the hood but failing to to get your vehicle to a stop is not an option. Therefore opting for the best quality is essential in this case.

Brake pads fitted

There are all sorts of brake pad materials out there being installed by your nearest brake and clutch fitment centre. But are they fitting the right compound for what you do with the car? Are they asking the right questions to match the suitable pads and discs for the specific car?

Keeping the above mentioned in mind EBC Brakes offers a wide range appropriate for the designated use of the car. Covers all areas such as urban / city commuting, fast street, off-road and racing. All EBC pads offers less dust to keep those rims shining for days!

The 5 types of brake pads

  • EBC Ultіmаx2™ brake pads – This pad compound is a superb daily driver material. Works effectively in hot and dry as well as cold conditions. New 100 % ECO frіеndlу mаtеrіаl wіth ZERO ѕulрhіdеѕ.
  • EBC Greenstuff brake pads – This brake compound gives a 20-25% % brаkе іmрrоvеmеnt. Perfect for the driver who likes speed things up a bit. Great for all the sport compacts.
  • EBC Redstuff brake pads – Lowest dust spec of the EBC range. Also used for fast street but works well on heavier cars as well as a brakes setup with a large disc diameter of 300mm upwards.
  • EBC Yellowstuff brake pads – Ideal for street, drift or even track days. Very minimal disc / rotor wear or damage. It’s got a medium hardness which gives it a good pedal feel.
  • EBC Bluestuff brake pads – High friction sport race pads. Its got deep V grooving that helps with venting and catching dirt and debris.


Well there you have it! There are just too many worthy qualities to not looking into getting yourself a set of EBC Brakes. Also remember that EBC is ECE R90 approved.

Happy stopping…