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Hi and welcome to Superior Friction’s website. The ultimate supplier for performance brake upgrades.

I registered the business as a company back in 2012 and started trading online. From modest beginnings, the company moved from strength to strength. At the beginning there was not a lot of competitors that offered performance brake upgrades like brake discs, rotors and brake pads.

We supply brands such as StopTech, EBC and Brembo. We even supply or own Superior Friction Sport Brake Rotors for Nissan GTR’s and Audi RS4’s. View Our Products page to read more about the different compounds and which compound to use for your driving style.

We try to make the buying process easy for our visitors and existing clients. With our brake upgrades we offer a much better and affordable option to your standard factory fitted prices.

We get complaints daily from clients where agents are quoting them ridiculous prices to replace their brakes.

One of our advantages to our competitors is the fact that we have in-house website developers and don’t need to outsource our work.

Hans de Meillon is our Sales Manager, with more than 30 years experience in the motor industry. Contact him for any questions or if you want help placing an order.

We feel it’s very important to have an “about us” page so that new visitors can have at least an idea who they are dealing with. Whether you’re building your own website or are just browsing for information on a business, organization, or individual, the ‘About Us’ page is a vital part of every website and blog.

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Why? Because it’s usually one of the first destinations visitors will click when arriving at a site.

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We also started to import our own rotors especially designed for us for performance cars like Nissan GTR and Audi RS4. We will gradually expand the manufacturing of rotors for other high-performance cars.

The manufacturer uses a comprehensive range of high-end production and processing equipment, including CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and manufacturing) systems along with the most advanced computer numeric control (CNC) lathes and milling machines, allowing it to carry out all key production work in-house.

Our mission is to grow the business to employ more family members and in future opening more satellite branches.

We are approved dealers for EBC Brakes and StopTech High Performance Brake Systems.