EBC Redstuff Brake Pads

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Low Dust EBC Redstuff Brake Pads

Low-dust EBC RedStuff brake pads. It is a superb pad for fast street use and targets high-HP imports, muscle cars, and prestige European cars. EBC RedStuff CE-based pads reduce the amount of dust that OEM pads emit by about 80%. Redstuff pads also reduce rotor wear so that rotors and pads last longer while delivering great brake performance. For optimum lifetime in track use, EBC still recommends drivers upgrade to the YellowStuff or even BlueStuff range, but if fast street is what you need, EBC RedStuff is the pad to choose.

RedStuff Premium Low Dust Brake Pads

Redstuff is the EBC premium low dust pad for fast street driving on all types of cars and is even now available for truck and SUV with our ED range . When making the choice between Green, Red, Yellow, or even Blue grades for any vehicle. This pad selector chart is helpful;

Redstuff is an aramid fiber ceramic particle-enhanced premium brake material. We do not use ceramic fibers in any of our pads. Redstuff is free of sulphides or lead, a low-dust material, and fully ECE R 90 brake safety tested and approved.

There is always “Some:” dust from brakes as they wear but the major advantage of the EBC range is that we use zero steel fiber in our pads and instead use less aggressive aramid fibers such as Twaron® and Kevlar®, which are easy to wash off wheels and do not etch into wheel lacquers or alloys

EBC Redstuff is also a long-wearing pad, and as such, it takes approximately 500 km to fully bed down and show its full performance. To assist the bed-in, however, all EBC pads are surface coated with our Brake-inTM pad brake in accelerator compound.


  • EBC lowest dust fast street pad with 20–25% brake improvement.
  • Very minimal disc/rotor damage characteristics
  • High friction, low heat fade.
  • Great for fast-street and premium sedan
  • Superb material for Prestige imports and European and Asian car upgrades.
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