Brake and Clutch Fitment Centre

It’s very important to have trained professionals install your brake pads, discs and clutches. Often times people don’t get their optimum wear life out of the friction materials bought, and this is almost always due to the lack of expertise.

Not only does it compromise the durability and longevity but most importantly your safety! As we all can agree that your brakes has a huge part in your safety as well as others. Please do not attempt to fit your brakes unless you are qualified to do so.

Brake Noise
Another significant factor here is brake noise or squealing. It sometimes occur that customers want to return their brakes because of the racket when applying brakes. This is also another reason why you want to have your nearest Brake and clutch fitment centre to fit your pads and discs. Brake noise can also transpire when not bedding in the pads or discs correctly. Read more.

Always remember that the practiced specialist is there to help you. They give the best advice regarding the maintenance and safety of your fitted parts ensuring the best driving experience.

Sit back and relax while your Brake and clutch fitment centre takes care of the work for you. You really don’t want to spend a day frustrated by not getting the job done correctly and safely. Remember that the professionals have all the necessary equipment and know-how to get the job done more efficiently and time saving.