Superior Friction offers 2 options for the Chevrolet Lumina

There are 2 quality options on brake pads for your Chevrolet Lumina; EBC Yellowstuff brake pads or the EBC Bluestuff brake pads.

Chevrolet Lumina Brakes - Superior Friction

EBC Yellowstuff Brake Pads Features

EBC Brakes offer Yellowstuff pads which are high performance and race brakes for occasional track use & street use. They are fast to bed-in and great for street vehicle brake upgrades. EBC Yellowstuff is NOT rated as low dust and creates similar dust to OEM pads, if low dust is what you seek, EBC Redstuff should be your choice for fast street use.

  • High friction pad for better high speed stopping
  • Zero fade race developed compound
  • Brakes effective right from cold
  • Can be used on street or race track
EBC Yellowstuff pads

EBC Bluestuff Brake Pads Features

EBC Brakes offer Bluestuff pads which are made of high friction sport and race materials that can be used for aggressive street driving and certain types of track use. This material has had much success on the track with quality aftermarket calipers and multi-piston systems with better release and cooling and larger rotors. The biggest advantage of the EBC Bluestuff NDX material is their bite from cold and progressive brake feel.

  • World’s first street and true track pad
  • Factory heat scorched to reduce bed in times to minutes
  • World’s first chemical interlayer system for super strong pad bond to backing plates
  • Huge lifetime almost double previous EBC products
  • Easy on rotors, surfaces are left smooth and not scored
  • Low heat transfer, balanced heat sink
  • Great release, pads let go as soon as you do
  • Deep V grooves catch dirt dust and debris and improve venting
EBC Bluestuff pads