EBC Wear Leads – EFA003

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Genuine wear indicator lead that often needs replacing if warning light was activated on old set of brakes (light on instrument panel comes on). Enough for ONE PAD SET front or rear.

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EBC Brakes brake sensor wear leads are a direct replacement for OE leads. These may need replacing if the warning light is activated on your instrument panel. Please note that your vehicle may require two packs.



Car EndFront / Rear
Car Fitment - front-rear


All EBC wear leads packages dimensions are 150mm x 100mm x 20mm.

EBC Ultimax2 Brake PadsDP1170, DP962, DP1055, DP963, DP1075, DP927, DP1363, DP927/2, DP888, DP887, DP846, DP671, DP1026, DP1441
EBC Greenstuff Brake PadsDP21170, DP2962, DP21055, DP2963, DP21075, DP2927, DP61363, DP21363, DP2927/2, DP2888, DP2887, DP2846, DP2671, DP21026, DP21441
EBC Redstuff Brake PadsDP31055C, DP3963C, DP31075C, DP3927C, DP31363C, DP3927/2C, DP3962C, DP3887C, DP3846C, DP31026C, DP31441C
EBC Yellowstuff Brake PadsDP41055R, DP4927/2R, DP4963R, DP41075R, DP4927R, DP41363R, DP41035R, DP4887R, DP4846R, DP41441R
EBC Bluestuff Brake PadsDP51035NDX

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This part number will fit on any of the listed vehicles below. Please Note: Compatible Vehicles May Take a While To Load.

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Make Model Engine Year
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