Toyota Land Cruiser Front Brake Discs

Land Cruiser Front Brake Discs 200 Series (2008 – 10/2015) > 200 All V8 models (2008 – 10/2015)

Toyota Land Cruiser Front Brake Discs (slotted) are unmatched cast from high-carbon cast iron alloys and machined to extremely tight tolerances (up to three times tighter than the industry norm).

The all terrain discs undergo proprietary stress relieving processes during manufacture that result in an extremely stable disc casting that is far more resistant to distortion (warping) or cracking than original equipment and standard after market discs.

Are you looking for exceptionally smooth and balanced braking power? These brake discs are manufactured to match OE design, with the highest care, quality, and metallurgy. Rigorously tested and approved by us, Powerbrake AT series discs are built to match your brake performance needs.

Every single disc is measured for run-out and disc thickness variation (DTV) using state-of-the-art measuring equipment. We will not ship a disc with a run out value greater than 0.03 mm or a DTV value greater than 0.005 mm.

This 100% measuring policy is very rare in the industry and ensures that every disc we ship is perfect in terms of dimensional accuracy when it leaves our factory.

In addition to being used by many thousands of 4×4 and SUV owners in both on-road and off-road driving conditions with excellent results, our All Terrain Series slotted discs are also used very successfully in off-road race series such as the Donaldson Cross Country Off-road Championship.

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