EBC Brakes

Cool the Heat

All car brake system’s ultimate adversary is heat. As you step on the brake pedal, friction transfers the temperature of your brake discs to the extreme. That’s why EBC manufactures some of the strongest brakes in the world. EBC is probably the pioneer in the braking world.

EBC Brakes Group – a little history

EBC brakes Group was founded in 1978 and is a private company owned solely by the MD Andy Freeman. EBC brakes have grown to be a worldwide group with strengths in all areas of the brakes trade. EBC brakes Group is also the last factual independent British friction materials manufacturer in the automotive industry.

Widest range in the world

EBC brakes offers only the best in the high speed realm of Fast Street, spirited driving and racing. After their supremacy in that area EBC brakes spread its brilliance in the automotive circuit, where they again demonstrated its success. EBC brakes developed the most comprehensive range of brake pads and discs. Covering all areas such as 4×4 / SUV, fast street, Fleet vehicles and standard urban driving. EBC brakes also provide brakes for thoroughbred cars in full racing.

Available for almost any car

Whether you looking for brakes for your muscle car, sport compact, urban or racing car EBC brakes offers a full range of brakes for every style that fits your profile. Don’t forget about EBC’s brake discs range. Ranging from standard replacement to track day applications EBC will cool your brakes down!

See the full range below:

EBC Brake pads

EBC Brake discs

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