DON launches new longer lasting brake pads


DON, part of TMD Friction, has launched a range of longer-lasting brake pads that, it says, will improve the efficiency of buses, trucks and trailers.

The DON 8750 range uses advanced friction technology to give longer life between service intervals, without compromising quality.

The range also includes a new lightweight backing plate for Wabco caliper applications, which can save up to 7.5kg on a six-axle truck.

DON says that this will result in better fuel consumption, is kinder on the brake discs and saves valuable weight. In addition, a unique double slot on the pads dissipates heat and increases stability.

“We are constantly developing and refining our products to ensure they meet the requirements and deliver added value to our commercial vehicle customers,” says Richard Barton, UK CV product manager at DON.

“One problem faced is the wear of brake pads and the downtime caused when their vehicles are having maintenance. The new DON 8750 will last longer while still offering a high performing product that never comprises on safety.”

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